What are Sumdog's Writing games?

Sumdog Writing allows students to play games with each other whilst practicing their spelling, grammar and creative writing skills.

There are four Sumdog Writing games to choose from. These games are different to Sumdog's Mathematics and Reading games as they involve the students communicating with one another. Because of this, some games involve additional safety measures to make sure that students are safe and happy whilst playing together. 

Students can only write real words and Sumdog helps check spelling and suggests grammar and punctuation changes. 


'Candy' is an individual typing game created to help students type quickly and correctly. 

'Lies' encourages students to write statements which are either true or false about a given word. They score points for using challenging words 

'Secret' allows students to think creatively about words and what they mean. One student will be given a secret word which they have to describe to the other player (without using the secret word!).

'Snake' is intended to stretch students vocabulary. Whilst playing, they are asked to type words to add to their snake. Whoever gets the longest snake wins!


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Tip: Teachers have full access to read what their students have written whilst playing Sumdog's writing games. You can access your students' discussions here

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