What does the Set grade/levels do?

Sumdog allows students to work on skills based on their ability level, however if you feel you have students who are working either below or above their level and you can set a minimum and maximum grade/year level for your class.

If you would like to a minimum and maximum grade/year level for your class:

  1. Click on the green Skills panel on the right
  2. Select Set grade/level
  3. Tick the subject you wish you set
  4. Tick the class you would like set the grade/level for. If you would like to set it for the  whole school tick 'All year groups' under the Student filter on the left
  5. Choose a Minimum and Maximum level from the drop down list
  6. Click Set levels on the bottom right to confirm


Students working below the level you set will automatically be pushed up to work on skills from the grade/year range you set.

They won't be able to progress further than the upper level limit you set. Unless you change it, this restriction will last the whole school year during school hours. 


If you have also modified the skill plan for the minimum and maximum levels your students will now work through the modified skill plan.


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