What do the diagnostic test results mean?

The diagnostic test works behind the scenes to assess the level at which each student should be working, meaning we can personalize questions for each student.


What do the diagnostic test results mean?

Once the test is complete, you'll see a summary of your student's results, followed by a detailed breakdown ordered by grade or level. Click test results beside each grade or level to view the questions that were answered.


The diagnostic level indicates where within the grade or level the student has been placed in the curriculum. Each level is made up of a number of skills, ordered according to the order they are usually taught in school. If a student is placed at 'Grade 3.2' we believe they are working at a level around one fifth through third grade skills. 


What does 'In progress' mean?

If you see 'In progress', then you'll have to wait until the student completes the test before seeing their results. 


Tip: If you think your student's test results don't reflect their ability, you can re-run the test. Learn more here


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