How does Sumdog know which questions to ask my students?

The diagnostic test will place students in the correct grade/year level based on their ability. They will then be asked questions from this grade/year level. This means each student will be answering questions according to their ability. 

To do this, Sumdog needs to get to know the students' strengths and weaknesses. 

This is done with our diagnostic test which runs automatically the first time students play Sumdog. 

During the test, the games run as normal. Students may get asked tricky questions, as we check what level they've reached. Please ask them not to worry. They should simply guess answers: the learning engine will understand what's happening, and place them in the correct level.

Once the diagnostic test is complete, we'll reward students with their first pet.


Tip: If the diagnostic test places a student too high or too low, you can rerun it. This might happen if the student had help or rushed through the questions. 



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