How can I link my child's school account to our family?

If your child already has a Sumdog account at school, then you can link it to your family. Doing so will let your child keep all their educational progress, pets and hard earned coins!

Linking their school account to a family account will allow parents to view a summary of their child's progress. Purchasing a family membership will unlock in-depth reports and allow you to set activities and assessments for your child. Read more about family memberships here.  


To link your child's school account to your family account:

  1. Log in to Sumdog with your parent account.
  2. Click on Settings (in the top blue bar)
  3. Click on EDIT in the Children box
  4. Click Add child.
  5. Select the option that says: 'My child has a Sumdog login from school. I'd like to link it to my family.'
  6. Enter your child's login details and click Add account


If your child can't remember their login details, ask their teacher for a reminder.



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