Why does Sumdog show someone else's account?

When you log in, Sumdog places small files called "cookies" on your computer to remember you. Logging in and seeing someone else's name might happen because the cookies in your browser are confused.

Deleting all of the cookies you have stored will fix this:

  1. In your browser settings, find a "delete browsing history" option (this could be called something slightly differently depending on your browser. It can often be accessed using the following shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Del)
  2. Click the "delete" option under browsing history 
  3. This option should show you a list of what is being deleted - make sure that cookies are selected. Be aware that this may affect other sites you use, too.
  4. Some browsers (Internet Explorer, for example) also give you the option of saving cookies from your favorite websites. If you see this option, make sure it is NOT selected.
  5. Choose to delete, then reload the Sumdog page.

You should make sure that your browser is not preventing Sumdog from saving any cookies. You can usually do this by adding Sumdog to your list of trusted sites (you can do this in your 'Internet Options')



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