How do students play in a contest?

Students who have been entered into a contest will see the title of the contest in a blue box to the left of their student dashboard. It will show them how many questions they have answered. 

If the blue contest panel is not on the left - for example, if they have chosen a different activity - their scores won't count. 


To take part, students play Sumdog's free maths games. In each game, they need to answer maths questions to make progress. They can choose which game they play, while Sumdog automatically adapts its questions. Each correct answer they give counts toward their score.

Students can play in the contest at any time, either at home or at school.

At least ten students from a class must participate in the contest for their class score to be counted on the leader board. If less that ten students from an entered class participate, the students who do take part will still qualify for the individual student leader board and will still receive their participation reward.

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