Sumdog Math Contest - How to Enter and Take Part

On this page you can discover more details about how to enter your class into a Sumdog Math Contest, as well as how your students can take part in an active contest.


If you want to find out more about a particular selection, choose below:


You are able to view any upcoming regional or national contests from your teacher account. If you want to check for upcoming contests you can also explore the page here to see what might be pending in your country or region. 



How to enter your class into a contest

Any teacher with a Sumdog teacher account and who is registered to a school will be able to enter their class into a relevant Sumdog Math Contest. You can enter your class into the contest at any point before, or during, the contest period. That’s the first step.


If you don’t have a Sumdog teacher account yet, take a look here to find out how you get started.


Next up it’s time to enter your class into the contest. Just follow these simple instructions to get you on your way.

Step 1: Log in to your teacher account, then click ‘Set Work’.

Click 'VIEW' in the Enter Contest box.

Step 2: Click ‘Enter’ next to the contest you would like to enter. Screenshot__112_1.png

Step 3: The next page will show you all classes currently listed under the school account. Under the heading ‘Enter’ tick the class/classes you would like to enter into the contest.

You can also enter the classes of other teachers into the contest.

If a class is greyed out that most likely means the class does not have at least 5 students, the minimum required to enter. Find out more about this here.

Step 4: Click on ‘Save’ to confirm the classes you wish to enter. Screenshot__118_.png

Note: If you have not removed your old classes from Sumdog, or if you have classes with similar names, be sure and check you have entered the correct class into the contest. Sometimes we find that problems around which class has been entered can cause confusion when trying to participate in a contest. For example if your current class is 4B, ensure that 4B 2019 is entered into the contest, and not 4B from a previous year.


If you aren’t sure which class is the correct class to enter, you can always enter both into the contest. There are no penalties for how many classes you enter, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 


If you wish to remove a particular class from an upcoming contest, here is how you go about it.


The contest leaderboard will be accessible to view once a contest has started. You can find out more detailed here about how to view your class and its scores in the contest.

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How your students take part in the contest


Students will be able to view the contest as their current activity on their Learning Page, provided that no other work assessments, challenges, or competitions have been set for them by a teacher. If they have selected another daily activity during the contest period, they can reselect the contest as their activity as follows:

Step 1: Have the student log onto their account, then choose the option to ‘Tasks’  Screenshot__334_1.png

Step 2: The name of the contest should be available as one of your student’s activities. 

If the contest is not visible, it means they are logged onto an account which has not been entered into the contest. 

You can refer here to find out more.

Step 3: Click on the contest name to select it as the primary activity.

Step 4: The contest should now appear as the current activity your student is working on.

The ‘Question Left’ should also now be visible. This will show your student how many questions they have left to answer in the contest. 

Sumdog contests have a maximum question limit of 1,000. A student can still answer questions after they reach this limit, but they will not count towards the contest score for the class.


Students can answer questions at any time during the period of the contest. That means at school, or at home.


Note: Only those questions answered while a Sumdog Math Contest is selected as the chosen activity will count towards the contest score. If a student has been answering questions that are not part of the contest, they will not be added to the contest score. It’s still a great thing to see though!


Once a contest has started you will be able to view the contest leaderboard. You can find out more details here about how to view the contest score for your own class. 

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