How can I enter my class into a contest?

To enter a contest you'll need to already have created a free teacher account and logins for each of your students. You can also add multiple students at once.

To enter the contest:

  1. Go to the Contests panel on the left of the teacher dashboard
  2. You will see a list of contests you can join
  3. Click on enter next to the contest you would like to join and choose the classes you wish to take part

To check whether your students are entered into a contest go to the contest page. If it says Entries next to the contest then your school has already entered a class. Click it to see which classes are entered and to enter more.

There needs to be at least 10 students in your class for it to be eligible for entry. If your class is too small, you may wish to team up with another class. To do this, you should create a new class for your contest team. 


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