How can I earn more coins?

On Sumdog you get a coin every time you answer a question correctly. As a special treat, you can earn double coins whenever you play Sumdog outside of school hours (before 8:30am, after 3:30pm and all day weekends).

Once you've answered around 100 questions on a "mastered" skill, you'll no longer be able to earn coins for it. Sumdog does this to reward you for making progress.

If you have a Sumdog subscription, you can earn bonus coins by taking part in a challenge set by your teacher or parent. 

You can see which skills you've mastered on the skill chooser:

  1. Click Choose skills on the left side of the screen.
  2. The skills that have been mastered will be marked green, and show an icon with a crossed out pile of coins. This means you will no longer earn coins by answering these questions.
  3. Choose another skill to practice and earn coins.

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