What is the Sumdog house?


Sumdog's House has lots of fun things in it! It's normally closed during school hours but you can ask your teacher to open the house for you. You can always play in the Sumdog House outside school hours (before 8:30am, after 3:30pm and all day weekends).

To enter your House click on the House panel on your city page.


Play with your pets

In the House, you can switch between the pets you have earned. Click the pet and use the arrows to switch between them. Click a trick icon above the pet to see it perform a trick.

Design your room

Use the Decorate panel to rearrange your room. Click and drag items to make your room look cool.

Access the Store

The Sumdog Store is where you spend your hard-earned Sumdog coins. You can buy clothes for your avatar and items for your house. You can even sell back items to the store if you wish, although you won't be refunded the full amount.

Access the Garden

Your Sumdog garden is anther area in your house which you can access and decorate.

Dress up your avatar

Use the wardrobe to change the outfit your avatar wears. You can only wear clothes which you have bought from the Sumdog shop. Once you own an item you can change its colour.

Add friends

The friends panel allows you to add friends to play with. Once you've added a friend you can also gift them an item.

Change the way your avatar looks

Change your avatar's face and hair using the editor.


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