How do I view my student's progress over time?

There are two key tools on Sumdog to check a student's progress over time: Proficiency Reports and Proficiency Charts


Proficiency Reports show the skills your student has mastered on Sumdog during the last academic year. These are listed in the order that the student completed them. You'll see performance metrics against each skill and also the skill they are currently working on. 

Proficiency Charts illustrate the level the student has been working at. Their grade is plotted against time, with completed skills marked on the chart. Each completed skill can be expanded to view when the student mastered the skill, the steps involved, and the standard correlations. A national average is also shown for comparison.


Both these tools can be accessed by clicking on a student's name on your teacher dashboard (this is the main page you see when you log on). Click either 'Proficiency report' or 'Proficiency chart'.

You can also accessed these reports by clicking on the individual student's accounts from the Manage student panel, click on the subject in the student's profile. 


You can also view the Proficiency chart for your class from the Report panel on the right side of your dashboard.


These are both subscription features. Read more about our school subscriptions here. If you would like a free trial, please contact us.  


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