What is a 'Hard skill'?

Sometimes a skill might be too hard for the student, so to avoid the student becoming too frustrated, Sumdog will skip it and let them practice the next skill.

Every few games, Sumdog asks students to revise the skills they've already learned. During this phase we'll also ask questions on their hard skill, to check if they've improved.

When they're ready, we'll ask them to focus on their hard skill again. Once they complete this skill it will be removed from the hard skills list.

If a student struggles with three hard skills, they will have to work in the revision phase until they show improvement in their hard skills.

Students will be placed in revision mode if they have 3 more more  hard skills.

During this time students will continue to earn coins but will not be rewarded with pets or tricks.


Students may find skills too hard for a few reasons:

  1. The skill a student is struggling with has not yet been taught in class. 

    You can change the order students encounter skills by selecting Reorder standards.

  2. Minimum and maximum grade levels set are too high. 

    If you have set grade restrictions, Lower the level to give students access to easier questions.

  3. Diagnostic test has placed them too high.

    If you've not set a minimum grade or level, and your student is still struggling with hard skills, you may have to re-run their diagnostic test. This test determines the level a student is working at, and if they've had help whilst completing this test then they may receive questions that are too hard.


View each student's Hard skills on their individual report page. Click their name on your teacher dashboard to see this. 


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