How can I create a whole school competition?

To create a whole school competition:

  1. Set up your competition
  2. When choosing which students will participate, select all the classes in your school. To see classes of which you are not a teacher tick all classes on the left
  3. Allow Sumdog to set the focus skills for the challenge. That way, each student will work on questions tailored to their own ability
  4. You have the choice whether to place your students in teams or allow them to play individually.


Competitions are different from Sumdog's Contests as they take place within your school. Sumdog's Contests allow classes in your school to compete with classes in other schools, either locally or nationally. Enter your class in a contest here


Tip: Think creatively about the prize you might award your top students to really get them excited... and if you're stuck for ideas- download and customize one of our Sumdog Certificates


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