What curricula does Sumdog cover?

Sumdog covers the following Math curricula:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • Florida Standards (MAFS)
  • Indiana Academic Standards
  • Texas Standards
  • Virginia Standards of Learning
  • Ontario Curriculum
  • Western and Northern Canadian Protocol Curriculum
  • Australian National Curriculum
  • New Zealand Curriculum
  • National Curriculum in England
  • Scottish Curriculum for Excellence
  • Welsh National Literacy and Numeracy Framework
  • Northern Ireland Curriculum
  • Singapore Syllabus

And the following Reading curricula:

  • Common Core ELA
  • Florida Standards LAFS
  • Texas Standards for English Language Arts and Reading
  • Virginia English Standards for Learning
  • Australian English Curriculum
  • National Curriculum in England

Tip: If you are a teacher you can change the Standards of your school and find out more information by going to the 'Standards' page.

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