What should I do if my student's questions are too hard?

If the diagnostic test places a student too high or too low, they may be seeing questions which are too difficult or easy for them. This might happen, for example, if an older sibling has helped or if the student was rushing through the diagnostic test.


To fix this, rerun the diagnostic test:

  1. Log in to your teacher or parent account
  2. Click the student's name from the list in the middle of the screen. If the student's class isn't showing, click the green class button on the left and choose the correct class.
  3. Click diagnostic test report
  4. At the bottom right of the report page, click re-run diagnostic test


You'll only be able to re-run the test once the student has completed it. If you are a parent and don't see "Re-run diagnostic test", you'll need to ask their teacher to do this for you.


Rerunning the test might be a little frustrating for the student, but it's best that they're working at the correct level.


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