What is Modify Skill Plan?

Skill plans define the order that students will practice skills on Sumdog.

Students progress through the skills based on their diagnostic test score, moving onto more difficult skills when they're ready based on their ability.

Teachers can change the order of skills within a grade/year level, but can not move a skill from one level to another.

Teachers can either modify the skill plan for all students in the school account or specific classes.

To modify the skill plan:

  1. Click on the Settings tab in the top menu bar
  2. Click School Settings in the sub menu bar
  3. Click the Reorder Skills box 
  4. Tick the subject you wish to modify
  5. Choose whether you want to change the skill plan for the whole school or for a particular group or year. It's best just to edit the skill plan for the classes you're responsible for.
  6. If you are editing a particular group, select them from the list. 
  7. On the Reorder skills page, check the box beside the level you want to work on.
  8. You will see the default order of the skills for that level displayed.
  9. Click and drag the skills to your preferred order using the drag handle on either end of the skill.
  10. To view a skill in more detail, click on the blue arrow next to the skill name. In this expanded view, you can see example questions by clicking on the question marks.
  11. When you're done, click Save

Modifying the skill plan will only apply to students who are placed in those grade/year levels based on their diagnostic test score.

If you have modified the skill plan for grade/year 3 but have a student who has a diagnostic test score either above or below the modified skill level they will currently not be working thorough those skills.

If you would like the students who work on their academic grade/year level you can set a minimum and maximum grade by using the Set grade/levels.

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