How can I choose the questions my students are asked?

Sumdog's powerful learning engine learns about each student individually and generates questions tailored to each student's ability. However, you can still control the kinds of questions students are asked.

You can do this in five ways:

1. Create a challenge or competition to cover a particular set of skills. This will let you focus students on specific skills. 

2. Restrict skillsClick the skills panel on the right and click 'set skills'. You will then be able to choose specific skills which the students will be restricted to. The restrictions will apply until the students has mastered them. The restrictions can be change but not removed until the student masters the skills or the school year ends.  

3. Set a minimum and maximum grade or level for your students. Students working below the level you set will automatically be pushed up to work on skills from the skill range you set. They won't be able to progress further than the upper level limit you set. Unless you change it, this restriction will last the whole school year during school hours. 

4. Change the order that students learn skills on Sumdog. Sumdog automatically leads your students through the curriculum, moving them on to the next skill when they're ready. By reordering your students' skill plan you can replicate the order of your teaching.

5. Ask your students to use their skill chooser to pick a particular skill to work on.



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