How do I cancel my family membership?

To cancel your Sumdog family membership:

  1. Log in to Sumdog with your parent account
  2. Click the 'Family' panel and choose 'Membership'.
  3. Click 'Remove children'
  4. Check the circle beside the names of the students for whom you are cancelling membership
  5. Click 'Proceed'

It's really important to click the green Proceed button before clicking 'Done'. If you do not, your subscription will not be cancelled and you will continue to be charged

Your cancellation will take effect immediately, but there won't be any refund for the time between the cancellation and the next billing date so it's best to cancel just before your next billing date.

To help us improve Sumdog, please let us know your thoughts on why you decided to cancel. We won't contact you with any further marketing, but it will be useful for us to hear more about your experience. 


There's still lots to get out of a free Sumdog parent account. Your child can continue to play Sumdog's engaging games and as a parent you can view a summary of your child's effort.


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