The diagnostic test

When students first start playing Sumdog the diagnostic test runs automatically when Math Training has been selected.


To take the test, students simply need to play the Sumdog games as normal. They will also see a message on their top bar saying 'Diagnostic Test: answer carefully to receive your first pet'.


They will need to be in Math Training mode i.e. not taking part in activity, contest or assessment. To ensure they are in training mode they should select Math Training from their Tasks list. If it does not, click it to choose this option. 

The purpose of Sumdog's diagnostic test is to place students at the right level based on their ability.

During the test, games will run as normal. Students will get asked some very easy questions and tricky questions. Please ask them not to worry as the learning engine will understand, and place them in the correct level.

During the diagnostic test, we check the accuracy on key skills from each level. In general, we're not concerned about speed. If a student isn't sufficiently accurate two games in a row, we'll stop at the level below.


Once the diagnostic test is complete, we'll reward students with their first pet.

If the diagnostic test places a student too high or too low, for example if an older sibling has helped with questions, you can rerun it.

The diagnostic test can take between 10 to 200 question depending on accuracy.



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